Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The newest addition...

to our little farm is Easton's calf Bullseye.

Not sure why he choose that name, but Bullseye it is!
Bullseye and I got acquainted fairly quickly after the boys brought him home from the auction.  He was in the back of Ryan's truck and Easton and his friend were looking at him when he decided to jump out of the truck!  I happened to be nearby and heard Easton yelling something about him getting out, so I ran over just in time to pretty much catch him mid air and tackle him to the ground!  He only weighs about 80lbs, but he is a fiesty little fella, and got up despite my best efforts to keep him down, so I held him around the neck and was trying to not let him go as help finally arrived in the form of my 15 year old son, who stood there and laughed at me and turned out to be no help at all!  I was out of breath as the little bugger was trying so hard to wriggle free from my grip.  I really wanted someone to put a halter on the dumb thing so I could stop fighting with it!  Finally the rest of the boys and Ryan came to my rescue and put the halter on it and I was able to limp in the house and catch my breath!  So, I guess I earned the badge of 'good farm wife' with my rodeo worthy calf wrestling skills!

Welcome to the farm Bullseye, and let's not do that again!


MBush said...

This visual is incredible! Thanks for the morning laugh!