Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Tetons...

After we left the Dale and Jill, we went south to the Tetons.  We camped at Colter Bay for 2 nights and just went up and down and all around the area. 

It was so absolutely beautiful!

This guy got in a TON of his required driving hours. He drove through the Teton Pass, where there are no rumble strips or guard rails and beyond the white line on the side of the road is a HUGE drop off!  He did a great job and is a very good driver!

We brought 2 tents, but forgot the tent poles to the smaller tent so we all slept in one.  Which, turned out to be a blessing, since it got so cold some most of the nights!  There was not one inch of extra space, just beds!  Nice and cozy!

They saw a moose!  The wild flowers were AMAZING!
This is at the top of Signal mountain, it was the most stunning area.

This is another moose we saw pretty close on one of our drives.  They are so huge!

Of course a camping trip would not be complete without one of Grama T.'s famous bedtime stories!  Friends from church were with us at the same campground and got to enjoy the story as well!
The boys thought maybe this was the safest place to stay, in the bear box!  We were thankful they had these things, since we couldn't keep any food or cooking supplies in the tent{not that there was room in our tent!}It saved some room in the vehicle.
I love this picture, they are both sitting the same way!  So cute!

The sunroof came in handy when trying to spot animals!
We spent a few hours in Jackson Hole window shopping.

I wasn't sure how much Lucy or Anaya would get out of this trip, lots of driving and looking at the scenery.  But, they both loved it, Lucy kept saying "it's preedy!" or "look mommy it budiful!"  She was also great at spotting and yelling "BUFFALO!"