Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After we left the Tetons, we spent 4 nights in Yellowstone National Park.
There was still snow hanging around in several places.
We drove every loop in the park and were in the car a lot, but we did take the time to get out and enjoy nature!
We saw lots of wild life including elk, buffalo, antelope, moose and bear!
Some were a little too close for comfort!
It was down to 23 degrees one night!  Needless to say we slept with lots of layers on, and kept fairly warm.

I asked Luisa what she was doing with those sticks, she just game me this look.  I finally figured out, she was 'carving' like the big boys do with their knives!  I think she thought I was going to take her 'knife' {stick} away!
Of course we waited for Old Faithful to erupt!
Spencer whacked away at this downed tree and gave us lots of firewood!

We stayed in Canyon campground which is near the middle of the park and my most favorite area, they call this the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  It is so beautiful!

We went to West Yellowstone with some friends and went shopping and out to dinner.  Jayden bought himself a Stetson hat!
The boys had elk and buffalo burgers!
How cute is this cowboy?!?

My dad the clock repair man, in front of a huge od clock in the Old Faithful Inn.
We enjoyed a picnic and decided Yellowstone needs to invest in more picnic tables and areas!

It was so great to be out west again, this time being the mom and having my parents along was just the icing on the cake!  It was so fun to see the kids faces as they experienced it!  We had so much fun, and the kids did great, even with all the riding!