Tuesday, August 26, 2008


These guys are so much fun! They all decided to dress up as baseball players and have a game! Too cute! They make forts, and ride their bikes like there's no tomorrow! They are always so good at coming up with things to do. (It helps that they know they'll be put to work if they say they're bored~it's the forbidden word in our house!)
Yesterday Spencer got 7 bee stings!(see the white spots on him in the picture below) The poor kid is already a mess from falling on his bike on the gravel, he has so many scrapes, I pulled off 4 band aids before he got in the shower! He has a huge set of lungs on him that help me to know when something is severely wrong, and boy oh boy did he put them to use when he got stung! They were "weed whacking"(smacking down weeds with sticks)and they must have hit a hive! Jayden got stung on the ear, and last night they each had one ear that stuck out from being swollen! Thankfully neither of them are allergic to bees as of yet!

Then there is Easton, who insists that Spencer and Dylan are not his brothers! He threw a stone at Dylan, and hit Spencer in the head with a stick. (we thought both incidents were accidents, until...) We told him to say sorry to his brothers and he said "dey not my brudders!" I said yes they are, and he said "No dey not, dey mean to me!" I asked if Jayden was his brother, and he said "just Jayden my brudder, not Pencer, not Dywan." I am not sure what they did, but he was not happy with them to say the least! Finally after a little time out, he now calls them his brothers and all is well once again!

Then there is that daughter of mine! Oh how I am loving doing her hair and dressing her! And enjoying her being in my arms, giving kisses, and watching her learn and do so much since she came home!

But boy, does she keep us on our toes, she is into everything! Today, I found her in our hutch! She is so much fun! I can't believe it was only 4 months ago that I held her for the first time in almost a year! It seems like she has just always been here in our family! Then there are times when it seems like it was just yesterday! The boys have been talking about how they miss Guatemala! I do too sometimes! But mostly I am so thankful to be home, and enjoying our family!


Steph said...

We love Anaya in the hutch, how cute is that. The kids feel so bad about all the bee stings. OUCH!!! We can't wait to see you and go canoeing with all of you. Everyone is arguing over who is riding with Uncle Eric and Aunt Jen:) Love you all!