Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swimmin', Fishin' and Skimmin'!

Anaya in "her" pool!
The guys after their successful perch fishing expedition! "Puch"(as Jayden says it) are his favorite!

We went swimming at Grama's house on Thursday, Eastons idea of swimming is to throw things in the pool or try to sit in Anaya's pool! Anaya loves the water, but is content to sit in "her" pool, she would rather be in the big pool ~ which would require me getting in! Maybe next year!

Then on Friday, after the boys went fishing with Daddy, and caught about 100 perch in about 2 hours, we had a pool party at my sisters house with some friends(Jolene actually used to babysit for me and my sisters when we were young!!) who live in Tennessee and also have a daughter adopted from Guatemala! Our boys only see each other once a year, but they have so much fun together!

Then later that night we went to the home of some other friends, and got to swim at their pool! The kids loved that since it is an in ground pool with a diving board and it is heated!! I didn't swim there either, but I might when we go back again, it looked pretty inviting!!

The kids trying out their skim boards!

Saturday, we took Taylor, Bryce and Rylie back home with us, and we had a great time with the cousins! We went out for ice cream, to the beach, and they got to go to one night of vacation Bible school at our church. Then on Tuesday my sister Steph and my Mom came to pick them up, and we went back to the beach so they could try out the new skim boards they had to buy after trying Bryce's!! Fun stuff!
There is a perfect spot on the beach where the rain water sits, and they just skim right over the sand, they LOVE it! So today I took them back to the beach, Dylan is getting pretty good at it!!
We sure are enjoying our summer break! I just ordered our home school curriculum for the fall, I hate the very thought of summer coming to an end and having to start school up again! Hopefully, when it comes in I will get excited ~ Maybe???


Ferrick said...

You have been awarded, see my blog. Susie

Anonymous said...

Stacy -- I miss seeing you. Always love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Blessings to you all, Lucy