Sunday, August 17, 2008

More summer fun!

Easton finishing off the ice cream, good stuff!

Celebrating Grama Greats birthday at Johny Carrinos, and devouring her ice cream sundae! Look at Easton's shirt, one kid always seems to come out of every restaurant looking like this!
Anaya cruising around furniture, she is getting so good at it, I don't think walking is too far off now!
Dylan and Jayden tubing with uncle Robb and Aunt Lisa.
All 7 kids on Aunt Lisa's quad!

Cooling off in the giant sprinkler!

Uncle Robb even borrowed a golf cart so Anaya and I could have a ride! Notice I am wearing my glasses~Jayden swallowed one of my hard contact lenses! At least that's what we think, I had them in cups(couldn't find my case while at my parents house)and he came by and got a drink out of one of them, and now it is gone!!! Major OOPS!! That was an expensive drink of water!!

All of the kids enjoying their own Mountain Dew!! Oh how they love to go to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Robb's house, this never happens at home!

Wow, I can't believe summer is coming to an end! With a trip to Chicago to visit my sister and brother in law, then the Olympics, and being at my parents house(with no internet) while Ryan was on Manitou Island with some Jr. highers, and their dads, we have been very busy, as usual! But we are having so much fun!

We have our first post adoption meeting with yet another social worker, so I don't know exactly what to expect, but I am sure it will go fine. I am so ready to be done with all the paperwork, and meetings, but at least we are on this side, an able to enjoy Anaya every day, and that is exactly what we are doing!

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stac,
It is so much fun watching your family through your blog! I love the updates, maybe one of these days we will really talk.... retreat is coming!

Sherry Nelson said...

Didn't you have a similar contact incident with another child? It sounds really familiar!! Maybe it was someone else.

By the way, I have gone to the dark side (ha ha) and switched to soft contacts with the rest of the world. One of these days I will get two new bottles of solution to your Mom, since I don't need them anymore.