Monday, March 15, 2010


Anaya; screaming with delight!!
having so much fun...until, she has to get off!! This is NOT a boxing ring boys!!

After receiving a trampoline for Christmas,the boys were pretty excited to finally be able to jump on it!

Easton and Spencer were waiting for us to finish putting up the safety net, and being rather goofy!

here is the picture of said rabbit!
*Found by an unnammed boy who was about to pee on the log!!!


Jessica O'Dwyer said...

I'm an adoptive mom to 2 beautiful children born in Guatemala, ages 7 and 5. Great blog, lovely family!

MamaTod said...

I would think boxing on the tramp would be safer than on the ground. There's a net and they won't be able to land hard punches if they are fighting to keep their own balance! LOL I LOVE the costumes!