Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayer request and praise...

For those of you who don't know, my sister-in-law Lisa has been diagnosed with Melanoma{on top of her other cancers and surgeries...ugh!} She is going to Mayo tomorrow, and will have many appointments on Wednesday. Surgery is scheduled for sometime on Thursday. I will let you know what time so you can join us in praying for her. Here is the excerpt from her email explaining the surgery:

I will need surgery to cut out a large portion of that area[spot on ankle]...then they inject a die in the area and follow the blood flow so they can find the first sentinal nodes to remove also. This will either be behind my knee or in the groin area. Then the plastic surgeon has to do a skin graph because there is not much skin to work with in this area. Just for your information....this is a huge rarety for an area to change from OK to cancer. You all know by know that I do not fall in the surprise for me here!

So with all this said.....pray we get into Mayo soon[took a few weeks, but finally have a date!] and that my lymph nodes have not been infected

**We are praying for good news on Thursday!**

Have you ever heard this song? Every time I hear it I think of Lisa!

I also have a praise/request:
My Mom spent most of the day Friday in the hospital, they ran a bunch of tests and feel that she was having a reaction to the 'new' medication she started. Praise!! Everything checked out fine, however, when she had open heart surgery almost 8 years ago, she passed most of the same, would you pray that she will start to feel good again as the medication wears off, and she can get back on her 'normal' medication?!!! Thanks!


Gloria said...

Wow ! love that song sure fit's the circumstance , what Lisa is facing ! Also love the song "STILL " by Hillsong
seeing that Ps.46:10 is her favorite verse " Be Still and Know that I Am GOD "