Friday, March 26, 2010

more Anaya video...

Anaya hurt her finger last night...She is a *tad* dramatic, there was no blood, but she insisted she needed a "kitty on!"

She is always asking to go to Aunt Stephies house, or Grama's house or Aunt Lisa's house or Grama Great's house...and so I usually tell her "on Friday" or "sometime" or ..."pretty soon!" She heard" pretty soon," and she was ready to go!

Also, a few weeks ago when we went shopping(she loves to go shopping!) I {accidentally} bought her a toy phone that had lip gloss inside(I purposefully bought the phone, it was the lip gloss that I was unaware of!) Since then she has been asking to wear "lipkick!" I love that she is such a girly girl!

Ryan accused me of "brainwashing her" and I said "ah yeah, look at the boys...they eat sleep and breath hunting and fishing, where do ya think they get that from???"


Stephanie said...

My girls loved the video and keep asking to watch it over and over. She is adorable!