Saturday, May 1, 2010

An amazing whirlwind...

Ryan and I had talked about going to the Orphan Summit for months he felt God had a reason for us to be there.  But, in the 'end' we decided not to go because of lack of 'extra funds.'  However, Wednesday morning Ryan called me at around 10A.M. and said, pack your bags we are going to Minnesota!  He opened up the website to the Christian Alliance for Orphans and prayed about it and God just said, you need to be there!   So I quickly packed the kids up and we were on the road just before noon!!!  Thankfully we had my parents on stand-by, so they were able to take the kids, and we were off on the 10 hour drive!  I can't wait to share all of the amazing events that unfolded, and all of the things we learned while we were there, but for now just know...God is amazing, and Ryan was right, God DID indeed have a message just for us!!!

~On a side note, we left the conference early so we could get back in time to coach soccer, so we drove all the way back to my parents house { arriving at 4 am and got up again at 7 to leave for home with the kids for soccer!!}  BUT, when we were just coming in to Holland, we noticed the car ahead of us a bit slammed on his brakes and backed up, so we got over and slowed down, figuring he hit a deer.  As we drove  past we noticed to our HORROR it was a PERSON!!!!  YIKES!  That was an awful sight to behold.  We pulled over and Ryan got out and helped until the cops/ambulance arrived.  It turns out the guy who was hit,( by the car going 55 mph) was standing in the middle of the road, drunk and "looking for his girl!"  He survived, and we are so thankful we were not the ones to hit him!!  

Thank you Lord for an amazing turn of events this week and your faithfulness in confirming to us what we needed to hear!


Stephanie said...

How exciting! Cannot wait to hear about all of the details. We were just having a conversation about this, and then I read your post. We listened to Kay Warren at church tonight. Very inspring, especially with all of the things we want to do. Will be praying for you all.

MBush said...

I cannot wait to hear about what God has in store for you! Glad you guys went to the conference...something I'd love to do someday!!!