Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend fun...

Can you believe the weather this weekend?!  It was by far the best Memorial Day weekend weather I can remember!  We the kids went swimming!  We took the boats over to the dunes and sat in the sun, the kids played and swam, it was an amazing weekend!

And of course there was fishing, but this time, even I got to go!!
Fun times!  I just love it when my family comes camping at our house!  I love to sit by the campfire, relax, eat tons of food, go to the beach, and then the best part...sleep in my own bed, shower in my own shower, and use my own bathroom!  Camping here is great!  My Dad taught the boys how to burn images into wood using only a magnifying glass!{He must not have taught me that as I didn't know it was possible!
  This is Dylan's creation.
The boys also started a fire with that magnifying glass{in the fire pit of course!}
Thanks for a great weekend family!!(minus Eric, Jen, and Olivia, we missed you!)