Monday, May 10, 2010

party hearty....

We celebrated Anaya's birthday on Wednesday, with our family.
This is her new Bible with her name on it.

And of course we had to get her a few princess things!
Then on Saturday, the VanderZwaag Family came up and watched a few soccer games in the cold rain, then we partied!  We have a quadruple party {4 birthday girls almost in a row} and we celebrate Mothers Day all in one shot!
Crazy bunch of kids{okay, so it's only mine that are crazy, but uncle Robb put them up to it!}
Princess Anaya with Princess Barbie!

Then on Sunday we partied with the Tuinstra family.

Ryan upheld his tradition of making a wonderful Mothers day lunch for me, my mom and this time my whole entire family!!!  The brothers and my dad pitched in too.  It was so very good!  He is a way better cook than I am!  I tell him he can have that job anytime, I HATE to cook!!
At one point he told me "it takes a long time to cook a meal like this...!"  Um... no. Really? 

The boys making lunch and all of "the girls."

Thanks for joining us family!  We love to spend time with you!