Monday, September 27, 2010

Dylan's first post about his first deer...

This was my third youth hunt and my first deer.  On Sunday morning, me, my dad, and my brother Jayden went hunting on a corn field and in the middle of the corn field was a food plot (for deer). We woke up at 5:30am and got in the hut at about 6:30 am, we sat till 8:00am but we did not see anything.  We left early because we had to go to church.
At night, a friend of ours, Steve Riley, took me hunting in the same food plot.  When my mom dropped me off at his house I walked over to were he had his rifle set up.  I shot the rifle and hit the bulls eye right in the center!  If I wasn't on with the rifle, I would have had to use a muzzeloader that was sited in for 75 yards, but since I used the riffle, I could shoot further.
So, we went out to the blind at about 5:30pm and sat until about 7:00pm.  Then we saw a buck walk out of the woods at about 180 yards, from there, the buck walked behind a tree and into the corn, he stayed in the corn for about 20 minutes. Then finally, he stepped out, went up on his hind legs, and started licking branches, right when he came back down on to four feet, I shot him.  He was about 170 yards away when I shot him, then, we heard him crash about five seconds after the shot. I was shaking so bad, even Mr. Steve was shaking and he didn't even shoot.
  We left the blind and went back to his house and watched the video just to make sure I got it.  I called my dad ( who was at youth group ) and my mom and told them to come and help me find it.  We got out there and there was not a drop of blood on the ground, but we walked right up to it.  He only ran about 20 yards, if that.  He had an 11 1/2 inch spread and was supposed to be a ten point but the brow tines were cracked off, so he was an eight point buck.

                                                                  Me and Mr. Steve.
                                                                Me and my buck.
                                       My Dad and My brothers, came out to help me drag it out.
                                             Me and my brothers dragging out the deer.
                                                               Thank you Mr. Steve!


MBush said...

Nice work, Dylan.

Steve said...

I shot my first deer from the same spot 16 years ago, but I missed my first shot and it was much closer! Good shooting Dylan!

Anonymous said...


What a nice buck for your first deer! And I would have paid big money to see Mr. Steve shaking like a leaf in the wind! GREAT shot at 170 yds! Dan Riley

Anonymous said...


Nice shooting! Backstraps for the Vanderzwaag family. A great first deer.
-Dave Riley