Saturday, September 11, 2010

God's garage sale part II...

We had a few items left in storage (from our move) that we needed to get rid of so we decided to have another garage sale {read about part I HERE} down in Zeeland.  We put the word out on facebook and were, once again, blown away by friends and family who donated so much stuff to help us bring Luisa home.A special thanks to Tonia, who jumped right in and helped us so much, you are such a blessing!  Through this sale we raised $1,722.00!  WOW!  We were praying for $1,000 to cover most of our lawyer fees while in Colombia, which needs to be paid in cash.  We are just so excited to see how God is supplying our need.  I can't wait to tell Luisa about the amazing ways God worked on our behalf to bring her into our family!
One of the things we had to get rid of was our antique tin ceiling tiles.  We bought about 70 of these beautiful tiles to put in our dream home.  The home we were going to build before God changed our plans!  I must say that I almost cried today when I had to give them up.  It was the last piece of that dream we had left.  We sold our land, and gave God our future and we are excited to see what all He has in store for us, but, there are times when my mind wanders back to what could have been...I can visualize my kitchen with this ceiling and all of the things we had planned and sometimes it just makes me sad!  But, I know that God's plan is greater than mine and I choose to not care so much about "stuff" any more.  I don't know what our future will look like, no one really does, so I am just going to rejoice in the fact that God is amazing and all of the marvelous things that have taken place in our lives since He changed our plans makes me want to serve him more!


MamaTod said...

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him."
Including the ceiling tiles on our mansions in heaven.

Personally, I hope to be living on a lake. :)

Praising God with you.