Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love kindergarten...

Teaching my children when they are kindergartners that is.  They are so excited to learn new things, and they think I am so smart!  As the years go by that fades away, but...Today was so fun.  All I had to do is a leaf rubbing, you know with the side of a crayon on paper set on top of  a leaf, anyhow, we did that today and you should have seen Easton's little face!  He was so impressed!  He had a HUGE grin on his face and said, "Wow, that's so cool, I didn't know you know how to do dat!"  Then he had to run and show his brothers who were, less than impressed since they too did that in kindergarten, but when they saw how excited he was they played along and let him show them how it is done!  Too fun! 

Today Easton told me he was jk.  Then he said "That means just kidding!"  Oh my, having little ones who hear things from big ones is quite funny! I also find it funny to teach him when he is "The Incredible Hulk!"

I also have to share a couple of Anaya's latest funnies.
*The other day when I was cleaning out her ears she took a look of the Q-tip and said, "Ewww, boogies!"
*While trying to learn her Bible verse for church she said, "God loved us and sent us guns!"  Oh my how we laughed.  She was supposed to say, God loved us and sent His son!  Oops!  Ryan liked it!

No word on the adoption front, still waiting.......


MamaTod said...

LOL re: Anaya's "verse". I passed it on to some sons of mine... ;)
They'll wish they'd thought of it when they were in Cubbies.