Sunday, December 5, 2010


December is a big birthday month for us.  Ryan and Jayden share December 2nd and Spencer is a mere 3 days later on the 5th! {And now we will add Luisa's which is coming up on the 18th!}  We get a little sick of birthday cake by the end of the week!

Spencer got his long awaited first bb gun, which all VZ boys receive on their 8th birthday.  And Jayden got his .22 which all VZ boys receive on their 10th birthday from us and Grampa and Grama VZ!  Big stuff this year for the big boys in our house!

I was relieved when Jayden asked for a family only party and that he really wanted to decorate his own cake!  We had a great time watching him decorate his cake, a hunter at the Todd Farm shooting geese!  Wow, I never would have gotten that right, so very glad he wanted to do it himself! (he had the chills so he has his winter jacket on!)
Spencer decided he wanted to decorate his cake too, however I can't locate my camera at this moment to show you his cake, but it was pretty cool!  He decorated it to look like the Colombian flag!
Celebrating birthdays at the movies in our 3D glasses!
The Birthday boys!  We didn't have enough candles so Ryan decided to use matches!  Not a great idea, but it worked, I guess...Look at that masterpiece!

  They are both excited to use their new 'snow stuff' now that the snow is finally flying!!
Happy Birthday Ryan, Jayden, and Spencer!
I love you guys!


Bethany {3SonsPlus1} said...

That's a whole lotta birthdays!! Happy Birthday!!

We've got two coming up this week and exciting!

MamaTod said...

October is our big month (Al, Andy, Matt, Marcos, Brad, and my Dad)so I often throw one family party for "The Boys of October". Luisa makes it hard to call yours "the Boys of December". lol

Love the pictures and hearing about your family traditions. Yea for Big Boys! :)