Monday, December 27, 2010 Poetry Blender

Because most of you don't know what this means I put it in confetti to let you's a pretty BIG deal!!!
I 800 approval means that the USCIS has provisionally approved us to adopt Luisa {specifically} and bring her into the US!
~Now this approval is being cabled to the US embassy in Colombia. (usually takes about 2 weeks...)
~Once they receive it, they will contact our rep. in Colombia who will hand over some more paperwork that we already sent her.(usually takes about a week to process...)
~Then, they will issue an article 5 letter which states that we are allowed to go to Colombia and adopt our daughter.
~Then we will receive our travel dates.  We should be in Colombia by the end of next month!!!!
*I emailed 'them' on the 22nd of December as that was 3 weeks, the time they normally take to issue an approval, and they said they had just received our case that morning, and they had a few others in front of ours, but they would get to it "soon".  grrr.  We had sent it out the end of November, and they were just now getting to it?  But alas, that is how international adoption seems to work for us...SLOW!  So when Ryan got the mail today, the approval was given on the...22nd!  WOW!  What an awesome surprise!!!
So we are cautiously optimistic that things will go as planned...but we know ultimately God is in control and we will get there when He wants us there!!!


Jodie said...

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! What wonderful Christmas blessing!

Stephanie said...

So happy for you guys! Congratulations! Can't wait to "meet" Luisa!