Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas tree hunting...

 Here we are in front of "the perfect tree!"
We had "big D"(doing respite care for a friends foster son) with us in all our tree pictures so I had to hide his cute little face!  Bummer, cuz he is ADORABLE!
 After a great breakfast at The Trestle Stop with Ryan's side of the family, we all went out in search of the perfect tree.
 Here is Jayden cutting down our tree.
 This is Easton standing in front of what he thought was the perfect tree, he was a bit miffed that we didn't get his tree.  That tree was HUGE, and he couldn't understand why we had to get such a "small one"!
 Dylan being the muscle man taking our tree to the wagon.
 The look on her face cracks me up!  She spotted Santa, and was not too sure about him.  She did warm up to him a bit once he gave her a candy cane.
All the VZ cousins!
 Easton being hoisted up to put the star on our "small tree"
The finished product!