Sunday, June 26, 2011

a couple of updates...

After we returned from Disney, my sister in law Lisa had an appointment at Mayo, she was not expecting good news as she had a lump in her side and was overjoyed to learn that it is some sort of radiation related scar tissue!  AND the tumors have shrunk some since her last appointment!  WOWSERS!  We were all thrilled with this news.  Please continue to pray for her as she continues to fight on!

Along that same line, our friend Ryan who is also fighting cancer received good news at his appointment as well!

We also had a great report on Luisa, her immune system is almost back up where it should be, and her levels of HIV are coming down!  Still waiting for those numbers to be 'normal' and 'undetectable,' but we are seeing progress and she is doing great!  We don't have to go back to the lung specialist for about 8 months as her breathing is normal, she is not on any breathing treatments, she is still on medication for reflux, but we think she will be able to go off of that soon as well!

Praising God for these good reports!


Jodie said...

Praise God for all the wonderful news!

Julie said...

God is most definitely a God of miracles. Want to add to the list? My friend who is doing embryonic adoption thought that they had lost one, the second ultrasound they found out that baby number two was just hiding. :-) God is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

All this good news I am so happy