Thursday, June 9, 2011

Florida part 1...

 It's a good thing we had this vacation scheduled a long time ago, as we have a busy summer ahead, and this will definitely be our last vacation for a while!  Last year my father in law retired and decided to take us all to Disney!!  So, we decided to go a couple days early and enjoy a relaxing vacation with just our "little" family.  We spent Tuesday - Friday at Daytona Beach enjoying a little down time.  Tomorrow morning we will meet up with the rest of Ryan's family and begin our Disney adventure!

The girls found this to be an uneventful, relaxing flight, they both zonked out for a while!

Hey, we can take the shuttle home when we're done with Disney!
{We live in Mears, MI!}

 Luisa wasn't too sure about all that water at first,
 but, it didn't take long and she was running into the waves and got soaked!  She got tired and chilled after a while, but she loved the beach!
Look at all those cuties!  We are so blessed!
Our ocean front hotel, found on Priceline {name your own price} for $43 a night!
Anaya loving on Daddy.
 Luisa took Easton's football away, and ran for her life!  She thought it was so much fun as he was chasing after her!

 Panorama of the beach with our hotel in the center.  I am glad they aren't allowed to drive on the beaches at home, it just adds another danger to the mix!
 Jayden searching for shells.  Every time we take a beach vacation, {like all of 3 times now!} we collect shells and make a picture frame out of them with a family photo of us on the beach.  This wasn't the best shelling beach, but we found plenty.

 Anaya loved the kiddie pool, and tolerated the beach.
 Luisa is a water rat!  She loved it when the boys would splash her, the more the better, Anaya, on the other hand, got out when the boys got in!  {I would have too!}

YAY!  Everyone is looking for our beach vacation photo! 
 playing in the sand
 Lucy loving on Daddy, she really bonded with him these last few days!
 Lucy loving on Easton!
It was so nice to just relax together as a family.  We are excited for part 2, beginning tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys look like your having a great time!!!!!

Lee said...

YEA!!! Looks like a wonderful vacation together!! That was the greatest $43 hotel I've seen! :)
You are missing 55 degrees and cold rain (which we need). Enjoy the sun!
We love ya!