Thursday, June 16, 2011

Florida part 2...

We met Ryan's family at the airport and rode the Magical Express to our Disney hotel!  Man, do those folks at Disney know how to do it up!!

The gang, all 19 of us waiting for the bus.

Anaya did pretty good with most of the characters.
Lucy did not like the all!

Anaya could hardly eat, she kept looking around for Mickey, she was so excited when he came around!
Lucy, however, did not like him at all!

Lucy learned how to do the "cheese" smile, and now this is the face I get when I haul out my camera!
So, that was our first day at Disney, and...that is all I got!  On day 2 Ryan left my camera on the bus, and someone stole it!  That is what it is, if you find something, you should turn it in, not keep it if it is not yours, so it was 'technically' stolen.  I would have turned in a camera if I found one, unfortunately, a bad apple found it and kept it...anyhow, enough about that....I am not too upset, I hated that camera, it took terrible pictures, just sad that some people are so evil, and that my husband looses things, although if you ask him, he just misplaces them for a while...ok Ryan, whatever!  I do love that man though!

Anyhow, we had a fabulous time, actually glutenous is what I should say.  We ate way too much, but enjoyed our time together!  Here are a few random moments I will never forget...

*Anaya hiding under the table when Goofy came around!  Too funny, he was looking under the table for her and she screamed!  Then he came near Lucy and she freaked as well!  {Of course we were laughing so hard while they were both terrified, I am such a bad mother!}

*While eating at Ohana's, I looked at the shrimp and asked if it needed to be peeled, just as I am asking this I got my answer by the horrific look on Lisa's face as she was crunching through the nasty outer shell that yes, indeed needed to be peeled off!  Oh so funny!  Sorry Lisa, I am still picturing your face and laughing!

*I took Anaya on the Snow White ride, and forgot about the scary witch...well, in order to make light of the situation I explained that it was just a nasty little witch that someone painted on cardboard, that it was fake and that she would not see her again.  Well, she was with my sister in law Sarah and said, "I think I see that nasty little witch!"  Umm...what did you say?  Oh boy, that doesn't sound good coming from a 4 year old!  But sure enough, she was right, the same witch was in the window of a store!  oops!  Poor baby, she still talks about that thing!  I never let her or any of my kids watch those old Disney movies because of the witches, so they were unfamiliar with them, I should have known better than to take her on that ride!

It was an awesome trip, we were busy from sun up to sun down, so now that the laundry is finally done, I am enjoying the slower pace at home!  A big "Thank you" to Ryan's parents for an unforgettable family trip, and our trip planner Sarah who had everything planned out just perfectly, we had a great time!!!

When I get more pictures from the rest of the family, I will post them!