Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July...

My sweet friend Lee loaned me her camera so I finally can post a few pictures of our holiday weekend!  It was a great weekend, one I would repeat every weekend if possible!  We spent time with friends, went to the beach every day, and had fun hanging out with everyone home!!  Ryan was gone on a mission trip the week before, so it was wonderful to have him around for an extended time. 

 playing in our 'big sandbox!'

Silver Lake
Ryan and the boys in the lake below, I stayed on top of the hill this night as they only had a little while to swim, no way I was going to go down and come right back up that ginormous hill!
The kids sliding down the dunes.

girls climbing back up the hill, love the ruffle bottoms!

Campfires + hotdogs + s'mores, = summer fun!

a little target practice...

We even rode our bikes all the way to the dunes!  Easton rode on this little tiny bike, the sprocket on that thing is so small, he had to pedal 20x's more than we did, and he never complained!
Lucy loved the sand, she laid in the sand, rolled around in the sand, slid in the sand....

did several face plants in the sand!  We would just dunk her under water and she was good to go, she loved being dunked, crazy girl!!
Spencer was digging a big hole with his hands and found a shovel!
the ginormous hill we had to climb
Thank goodness for a strong big brother, Lucy was getting tired, but there was no way I could carry her!

We only have one bike seat so we took turns riding and having the girls ride, this was Luisa's first bike ride{with us, at least!}