Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haiti Day 1...

A few of us with all of our luggage!  We each {10 people}checked 2 bags full of supplies and donations, and all of our clothing went in our carry ons.  We had 2 team members back out of the trip due to illness the day before we were to leave, so we ended up having 3 extra bags of supplies to check.  Long story short, there was a baggage embargo and we were told we could not take the 3 extra bags.  After an hour and much prayer, the lady finally checked them as sporting equipment and allowed us to take them with!  We were so thankful.

Our first glimpse of Haiti with Isaiah in the truck with our luggage.

Though it's been 3 years there was still a lot of rubble.
Lots of garbage everywhere.

Unpacking all of the food we brought down.

A few of the men who helped us.  We definitely were well taken care of and felt very safe.  Sometimes we laughed because they were like over protective fathers, telling us what we can & can't do.

We had great flights and made it through customs and immigration without a hitch.  Several guys helped us with all of our luggage, and we walked out of the airport where we were supposed to be met by Bev and Hannah who had flown in the day before.  Except, they weren't there!  We waited a few minutes and started wondering what plan B was?!  We hadn't any addresses or phone numbers or anything.  So we sent a few people out to the parking area to look for them.  I was so happy to see their faces when they finally showed up!  We all piled in a van and a pick up truck and headed to the mission house.  We unpacked and got settled in to our home away from home. It was hot.  We took cool showers {no hot water} which felt okay in the heat, and went to bed.