Friday, January 25, 2013

Haiti day 3...

We got up around 5:30 Sunday morning, we had to be at church by 7am!  Church starts early and goes long.  It was over 3 hours!  

 Pastor Jorel's church was so much fun.  Although we couldn't understand the words some of the tunes were familiar, and the ones that weren't were still pretty amazing!  I love how they worship, they could not stand still!  They take a 5 minute song and sing it for 20+ minutes, no joke.  Someone asked the worship leader about that and they said, we can try to stop them, but the spirit keeps them going!

Cute baby with chubby checks near me, very distracting!!!
We sat facing the rest of the church in what may be called a choir loft?  The pastor encouraged us to get up and take pictures.{He always told us when we should take pictures, too funny!}
Our group with Pastor Jorel and our pop!
We were able to have communion while there, they use wine, at first I thought the juice had gone bad, it was nasty!   I am not a singer, love to sing, but just not good at it and guess what...they asked us to sing, as in up in front of church sing! Thankfully the others are all good singers so I quietly blended in.  After church they gave us pop.  Everywhere we went they had pop for us, we felt bad, they have so little, yet they always had something special for us.  After church, we went back home and sorted, counted and labeled pills with some of the Haitians, they were much faster than we were and they thought it was funny.  I was too busy working to get any pictures of that.  It was another fun and busy day, we packed everything up that we needed to do our first conference the next day.