Thursday, January 24, 2013

Haiti day 2...

Most of the day was spent sorting and counting pills for our upcoming medical clinics.

Hannah and I were in charge of getting gift bags packed for the party we were hosting for the pastors, deacons and their wives.

We sorted through lots of donations and put together around 20 large gift bags for the ladies. 
A few of the ladies were in charge of the dinner we planned to serve them.  I helped serve the people then grabbed this baby so his momma could eat!  He was so sweet!

*I should probably explain that I am wearing a head covering and skirts all week because the mission we were working with is very conservative and so were we for the week!
The view of the mountains and the ocean from our roof top.

*I have been waiting to publish this until I got all of the pictures from everyone, but I am still missing several, so I am posting without some of the pictures for now...

Since this was an all ladies mission trip, we decided to minister to the ladies of Haiti.  After the dinner we hosted we had the ladies go up on the roof top and we washed their feet and prayed over them.  It was something that we wanted to do to show them the love of God, and it made a huge impression on them.  All week it was brought up over and over again how in God's family, there is no black and white.  We are all one!  We also spoke to them about the importance of their role as wives of ministry leaders and encouraged them to continue to pray for their husbands.  There was lots of singing and praying and our fun night came to an end, we took our cool showers and hit the sack as we had to be up early for church the next day.