Friday, July 25, 2008

Another fun filled, busy week!

Sunday started our week out on a busy note, simply because we were not thinking straight, and forgot about the church potluck, until we sat down in church Sunday morning! Since we have such a big clan, I would never dare to just sneak in without bringing any food, so I skipped out of church in a frenzy, and long story short, made it back with my 2 dishes to pass just in time for the potluck! Then I wondered why I like potlucks, as we no longer can socialize with others, since our family takes up a whole table! I talked to another mom of 5 in the bathroom, where she was waiting for one of her kids for the umpteenth time, and we both felt the same way! Then we realized, we were socializing right there in the bathroom, so I guess that's what makes potlucks worth all the fuss!!

We were supposed to have lunch with Ryans parents, but we called and left a message, so we thought! Come to find out our new phones and plan we just bought weren't working out so well up here, and they were waiting for us! OOPS! But we finally arrived, and decided to head to the beach!
Playing at the beach with cousins! Brylynn, Mady and Tryna were staying at Grampa and Grama VZ's cabin for a few days, while Robb and Lisa are in Italy, having a wonderful time! Lucky them! Although I believe they deserve it after the year they just had! Lisa had breast cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation, and always had the sweetest spirit, and awesome attitude! She is my hero! Enjoy your trip girl!!

Monday night, we parted ways once again, as Ryan and the 3 older boys headed off to Manitou Island to do some prep work for the group he is taking there in a few weeks, so that left me with just Easton and Anaya!
Tuesday night our church threw us a baby shower! Wow, we received so many nice things! What an incredible blessing that was!
Anaya in her new pink stroller!! And opening up some of her own gifts!

Tuesday night, I decided to go back home with my Mom and do some shopping, since I only had 2 kids! On the way back home wed. night, Max our dog, decided he had to make a nasty duty in my van!! I am not much of an animal person, I put up with him for the kids sake, but this was almost too much for me to bear! This only happens when Ryan or the boys are not around!! YUCK! I was ready to be dog free that night, but then Ryan and the boys returned home and I saw Jayden loving his dogs, and it almost made me forget the trauma of the evening!! What we don't do for our children!

Then on Thursday, we went to the beach with some friends, Anaya just loves the water!!

Thursday night, we went over to another friends house, and together, we have 9 boys between us! Easton and their littlest one are not in this picture, but we just laughed to see such a mob of boys! Oh the joys of boys!!

Anaya started to cruise around furniture this week! Wow, that was a huge surprise, as she usually cries when you stand her by anything! She is learning and doing so much, and it is fun to watch her experience new things!

Someone asked me if we have slowed down since we came home, and I don't know if we will ever really slow down, but we are all together(most of the time!)and having fun, so I am not complaining!

Thank you Lord for family and friends, and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest!


Eric and Michelle said...

All you experiences are such good memories. I am also the Mom of 4 boys and love the world of boys. Looks like you have a great support system.