Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Together at home!!!

Finally, for the first time since April 28, we are all here, at home, under one roof! YAY!! It feels so good! We went to the beach last night, then came home and had a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows! All of the fun summer stuff we love to do.

Dylan ~ 10 years old!
Jayden ~ 7 years old! Spencer ~ 5 years old!
Easton ~ 3 years old!

Anaya is doing very well, she cries a bit when we put her to bed, then sleeps through the night, and she takes a good afternoon nap. She loves to crawl around and explore. At my parents house, I watched her crawl behind the couch, which is against the wall! I figured there was a toy she saw or something, but, her behind got stuck, and she got very mad when I pulled her out, and there was nothing back there but a long dark space! She has quite a temper! She gets mad, and the first thing she does is this thing that looks like she is trying to pull her fingers off, then she starts screaming, her face turns red, and her head sweats! Sort of funny, mostly not! Thankfully, most of the time, she is so sweet, and quiet, she babbles sometimes, and she likes to do this thing where she sticks out her tongue, and spits (I don't know what it is called, but she does it a lot!)
We are having fun, and enjoying our time together! Thanks for checking in!


steph said...

I'm so happy your all together again! Glad to hear Ry's trip went well. Mom said Anaya is doing great without sucking her thumb!!! yeah! I'm still upset with her for loving on Matt over me! You better have a talk with her before you come home Thurs!! Love you and will see you tomorrow! The kids say hi!

bushfamily said...

How nice to all be home!! I hear through the grape vine that my parents are waiting for you all to go back to Mt and adventure with them! We have been up to Silver a couple of times, but never when you're home. Maybe next time! Hope to see you soon.

Dorothy said...

The picture of Easton...which one was he? LOL

SO GLAD to hear you're all together again. Praise the Lord. Looking forward to seeing you all in church on Sunday.

Eric and Michelle said...

good news...blowing rasberries!