Saturday, July 19, 2008

Open house photos!

Anaya in her "Worth the wait" outfit! Ryan is not too sure he likes all the "fru fru," as he calls it! But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is so much fun to finally dress a girl!! Sometimes I open my washer just to see pink swirling around!!

Grama great Ulberg loving on Anaya!
The food table!
Aunt Steph begging for a kiss! Which she eventually did get!!
Dad manned the grill!

WOW! What a great turn out we had at the open house!(We think there were around 200 people that stopped by!) Thank you all for coming, we so enjoyed seeing everyone again! It was quite a treat to see some family members all the way from Washington, and Alaska!(actually, Thomas and Carrie have been all over, most recently on the island of Pohnpei, in the south pacific, and will be living in New Zealand this fall!) They didn't come just for this=), but we sure are glad they stopped by!

Anaya did great for her party, and only had one little breakdown, but nothing that a bottle from Grama great Tuinstra couldn't fix! She didn't mind being passed around, as long as someone would walk her around a little, or let her crawl around, she was very pleased!

Especially, when she got a hold of cousin Rylie's sucker! That really made her happy, sticky, and messy, but happy!

Lots of cousins, and lots of friends!

It was a great time of introducing Anaya to everyone back in our hometown, and we just wanted to say "Thanks for all of your prayers and support!" Thanks Mom, and Dad, for hosting our party, especially on the heels of your surgeries, you guys are the best!!

"Thank you God for all you have allowed us to experience during this journey, for the generosity of your people, for carrying us through the tough times, and most of all for the wonderful gift of Anaya, we are truly blessed!"

Thanks for checking in!


Bill and Sherry Nelson said...

I'm so sad we had to miss your open house. We were trying to figure out how to go to the wedding rehearsal and the open house, but it just didn't work. It looks like you had a great time. Praise the Lord for holding off the rain! Can't wait to see you guys next time you are in town.

bushfamily said...

Hey there. So sad we missed your party! We would have been there if we'd been in the right state. Hope to see you soon!

Eric and Michelle said...

What a wonderful time of celebration. I too look forward to pink swirling around in my washer. Love the outfit!