Thursday, November 6, 2008

and so it begins....

I imagined that someday we may have problems with Anaya "falling for" one of the boys friends, but I did not expect it to be so soon!! We had Dylan's friend Jonah over today, and from the minute we picked him up she was smiling and "flirting" with him! She followed the poor kid all over with her arms up and would cry when he left her sight! Silly girl, he is cute though so she has good taste! But boy are we going to be in for it if she keeps this up!

Jayden had his friend Isaac over today also, so we had a house full of boys! They all played and had fun together. They climbed trees and played outside for a large portion of the day, until it started getting dreary out and started to sprinkle. At one point I found them all by the computer playing a game.
Later I found them all huddled around Jonah who had his Nintendo DS with, what is it with boys and video games? Look at the intensity on ALL of their faces! They are so cute!

What a fun day we had today!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! We had that with Maggie too. I remember one Sunday we pulled up to the church carport and saw the ENTIRE Roskam family walking in the door. She sort of sighed and said in a syrupy tone "There's Eric!"

I hold out hope though. She's been far more interested in horses and dogs than boys for several years now. Lord willing, several years to come too. :)