Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chuck E Cheese!!

Anaya found Dylans tokens and thought she hit the jackpot, but as you can see Dylan was not about to let her have them!

I don't think so Grama!! Just as soon as we put the token in she was trying to jump out! It was fun before it started, but when it started moving and making noise she did not enjoy it so much!!

Little stinker! She knows how to get that ball in the right spot!
Dylan and Spencer(check out Spencers leg kick!) He is so competitive!
Anaya loves to be at the wheel!
Easton with his empty token cup, and only 2 tickets ~ But happy as all get out!
While the guys were out deer hunting last Saturday, my mom, sister and I took all of the kids to chuck E cheese! I think the big kids had the most fun searching for extra tokens and tickets! It was funny to see them laying flat on the floor looking under and around the games while Easton was walking around putting his tokens in and walking away! Some of the kids caught on to that and followed him all over! He got the biggest joy just putting the token in the slot, while someone else got to play the game! Anaya was trying to climb in and on all of the things but when we put her in one of the cars and put in a token, she freaked out!! Kids are so funny!
Then I thought about the times in my life that I just "put in the token"~like reading my Bible, but not really listening for God to speak to me ~ and I miss out on the blessing or the thrill of the game!! Or when the "token" is put in ~God sends me on a "journey" meant for good,~ and I freak out and want to get off the ride! Oh the things I am learning through my children! Thank you Lord for life lessons and your patience with me!


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh my goodness.....cutest family!!! I just found your blog....and love the quote on the side of your blog. Your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL!!