Sunday, November 23, 2008


God is amazing!
There were 2 adorable boys in church this morning, and their story is amazing. Last week they were living in an orphanage in Mexico with no hope for their future, and today were in church here in Michigan! Most of you know that adoption is a long hard process to say the least, but for these boys and their new family, it was incredibly short! A man from our church had gone down to the Lilly of the Valley orphanage last November on a mission trip. 2 of the boys from the orphanage (brothers) wanted Al(man from church)to adopt them. All of the children there want someone to adopt them, but these boys wanted to live with Al and his family. Al had no idea, nor any intention of adopting anyone, he and his wife already have 7 kids. Some time in the last year Al and his wife started feeling the call from God to at least be open to adoption (I don't know the exact story~though I have talked with them and know that is what they were~open to what God had for them!)Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago, and one thing led to another and Linda(also from church~and works with the orphanage in Mexico)found out that the boys were both born in the states....inject lots of working and praying and thinking and figuring this situation out...... and wallah...several miracles later here are the boys in Al's family, just as they had dreamed about!!! You can read about this in more detail on Linda's blog by clicking on her name. I just wanted to share the story of how sometimes dreams do come true, and for these 2 adorable boys...they did! Please pray for Al and his family as they are going from open to adoption to having the kids here so fast, and for the kids as this is a huge adjustment!!


Eric and Michelle said...

That is AMAZING!

MamaTod said...


The first few days have been good; all of our other kids except Andy (USMC in Iraq) were able to be here for the weekend and some of them speak Espanol very well. The others are willing to try. Add in snowball fights and a trip to watch el hermano in Alice in Wonderland and church, it was a busy, but good Sunday. Today my head feels like it will explode from trying to remember any Spanish at all and the more tired I get the less English I remember too.

We still have paperwork to do here and I started that process by taking the papers to a translator. They should be back by Friday and then we can contact an attorney to find out the next step. But she said the Mom did indeed give us guardianship and special provisions to do whatever is necessary to adopt them.

This week has rather felt like a ride on the Gravitron at the fair, and I was plastered to the wall. I'm thankful God was at the controls and not those usual suspicious characters. :)