Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Houston, we have a problem....

We went and scouted out the perfect(ish) tree, which by the way was WAY harder this year than in years past, as we went to a different place to get our tree. At the old place you could pretty much pick out the tree while blindfolded and it would be beautiful, this place however was not so great, but we needed to get a tree, and there weren't any other options so....

We found this beauty. We cut it off at about my head, and it looks fine. The strangest thing though, the tree smells like citrus, like citrus Halls cough drops! I don't really care for that smell, I am a pine tree scented pine tree liking girl, can't wrap my head around why this one smells the way it does!

After letting each of the boys take their shot at sawing it down, and hauling it to the truck, we went home and started decorating it! First of all we had major light problems, and of course by the time we figured that out, the store in town was closed!(oh how I miss Meijer!) So I had to tear off the lights and start over again using 3 strands for my entire tree~Ugh! Then we put on the colored lights and had the same problem only 1/2 of them worked! Finally we got to the ornaments and after a few smashing once they hit the ground (we have the tree on the hardwood floor~not carpet like usual)it was time for the little "helpers" to go to bed!!!

I finally got it all decorated and ready to go and we remembered that we didn't water the tree yet, so we filled it up and that is when I said "Ryan(Houston)... we have a problem!" There was water everywhere!! It seems we are missing something on our tree stand and the water is running out the hole where the stake is. We have never had this problem before, and so now we don't know what to do, as the stores are closed, and we are leaving for Thanksgiving out of town and our tree is definitely not getting any water!! The lady said this particular tree holds it's needles well ~ lets just hope that it does so long after it is dead!

Look what I found on my tree, a duct taped candy cane! Oh the joys of little boys ~ although this one has Ryan written all over it!!


Eric and Michelle said...

Beautiful tree LOve the candy cane :)