Sunday, January 18, 2009

20.5 inches...

That's how much snow we got in the past 24 hours! I love snow, and since it's winter I say "bring it on!!" It is so absolutely beautiful to see the big flakes falling to the ground. Come March however, I am usually ready to have 60 degree weather and sunshine, but for now we are enjoying all the snow!!
Anaya is still contemplating if she likes it or not! She was visited by our dogs, and did pretty good, usually she is scared of them if they get that close, but tonight she was barking at them! She won't say dog, but she says what they say!

I think Anaya decided she likes the snow. She was having fun being pulled in the sled, as long as I was holding on to her! Yes, that means Ryan was pulling us both around the driveway on a sled! Fun stuff!


Michelle said...

What fun stuff!!!!! I love the snow days! We never get that much though. My husband grew up in MIchigan and enjoyed the abundance. Loved to go snowmobiling.