Monday, January 5, 2009

remember this?

Ever since we got back from Guatemala I have been searching on and off (as I HATE to even think about, let alone look at them) for the name or kind of huge spider/bug we saw there. Mostly because Ryan didn't believe us that it was so big, I wanted to prove him wrong. Well, today I finally found it! I knew it wasn't a spider because of the long antenna, but it didn't look like any of the bugs I searched for either. It is a Tailless Whip Scorpion!! Yes Scorpion!! But, they are harmless to humans, so that was a relief ~ sort of. It still creeps me out, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that it is for real and huge, and most people who have seen them are freaked out by them as well!

Then there are those freaks who keep them as pets, yup, I found a place online that you can order one! No thanks, but the thought did cross my mind to try to scare the pants off Ryan and see how he reacts!!(this one is on a guys watch)

There is a place I can order a dead one preserved under glass and framed!! Maybe a good gift for Ryan to hang in his office!?! (FYI the frame for this thing is 8.5 in. by 14.5 in!!)

And he wonders why I didn't just step on it???!!!! I only wear a size 5.5 shoe!!!!


Eric and Michelle said...

That is just gross! I am not a bug girl...funny how the Lord gave me 4 boys :)

Ferrick said...

Stacy, that is awful! I agree, order one for Ryan, only have it delivered to his office. :) Yikes. Susie

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!! I'm so glad you found out what it was. You definately need to get one for Ry! You should put it under his pillow for him:)

bushfamily said...

I'm glad the mystery is over! What a nasty bug! I'm pretty sure he could have eaten your size 5.5 shoe!!!