Saturday, January 17, 2009

The tres amiga's...

It is so fun to get these girlies together. They are all so different, and we have fun watching them interact. This is Ana, she is super smart, and can say lots of words, like... biscotti!!! She has the best checks, you just want to squeeze them!

This is Bella, and she is so sweet, she is very content to just sit and play quietly and if she decides to get up and do something, she is super cautious. She has the cutest lips, you just want to smooch her!
Then there is Anaya, she is a super tiny bundle of perpetual motion. She has a fiery temper, rarely sits still and says hardly anything! But, she has a great smile, and you just can't help but love her to pieces!
This was our best shot of the three girls together. It went down hill badly. Here is the progression or shall I say regression...

First Anaya tries to take a toy away from Ana...

Then she swipes Bella's baby away from her...(look at Bella's lips~Uh Oh!)

Then, look at the girls as they watch Anaya have a hissy fit because her mommy said"NO!"

So funny!(It would have been funnier if MY daughter was not the one throwing the fit...)
What is really amazing, (though not surprising) is how God put each girl into the perfect family. We were discussing how I thought I would get a quiet little gal that would sit and color, and how Susie thought she would have a little live wire spunky daughter, and we got the direct opposites, BUT God, God knew Anaya needed the spunk to keep up with her brothers, and what a blessing that Bella is sweet and content for all that she is going through right now. I mean they would have to strap Anaya down for some of the stuff Bella endures on a regular basis with her treatments! Not to say that it couldn't happen to Anaya or that it is better that Bella has A.L.L.~NO! But just an amazing testimony to God and that his ways are so much higher than ours! We are all so thankful to God for bringing our daughters home. And I am so grateful to call these women friends, we had never even met before and now we have this special bond after journeying through the adoption process together!


Michelle said...

What a beautiful, beautiful, God thing in every detail!