Thursday, January 8, 2009


Dylan had his first ever scrimmage tonight for basketball. Ryan took him early and I came at the start of the game with Anaya and Easton. I walked up to the gym and saw the ref and a very tall kid running down the gym and so I told Easton "Maybe they are in a different building or something, because those are guys in there!" and headed to the other building next door. That building was just being built so I headed back to the other one and figured they must have a second gym somewhere since that guy looked to be much bigger than anyone on Dylan's team. As I walked in I saw Ryan sitting in the bleachers. I looked and sure enough there was Dylan and his team playing against this team with 3 tall ~ and one SUPER tall kid ~ I'm talking 6'3"!!! These are supposed to be 6 to 8th grade boys! Now Dylan is by no means a tall kid, I mean I am only 5'2" so he has little hope of being that tall, but most of the kids on his team are about his size. He said his team did a collective "Whoa" when the other team came in! We laughed so hard to see Dylan try to block that big kid!(Sorry for the bad picture, but it is the only one I have BTW that kid is standing not jumping!)


Ferrick said...

That was my husband! He was 6'3" inches in 8th grade. He's still 6'3". Looking forward to seeing you next week.