Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 year ago today...

we flew to Guatemala and picked Anaya up out of her crib at Hannah's Hope. What an amazing wonderful day that was. We watched our video today for the first time!! AMAZING! That is all I can say. What an adventure we had and I am so thankful to God for allowing us to experience this beautiful, difficult, wonderful, challenging and oh so worth it journey called international adoption.

Here we are today. We are so blessed to have had Anaya in our home for the past year. She is such a little gift from God. She has turned into a little girl! Gone is the baby we picked up that day. She couldn't crawl! Her new thing now is to take any and every article of clothing she can get her hands on and put it on. While it is annoying when she empties her drawers and leaves a HUGE mess, it is so cute to see her trying so hard to get whatever it is on.
We celebrated today with some Guatemalan foods, chicken pepian served with black beans, corn and tortillas, baked plantains(I used bananas as I couldn't find plantains,) and tres leches cake.
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Ferrick said...

Oh the journey...and how closer we are to Him because of it. I miss that absolute utter dependence on Him. Although He is my rock and I turn to Him for everything, nothing has compared to the level of trust and dependence I had during the wait to bring Bella home. We share the same Gotcha Day, I wish we would have met that day at HH, but all in good time. Cant believe all of Anaya's hair, how fun. Your a beautiful family of 7. Susie