Thursday, April 2, 2009

Were back!

*warning* It's long!

Here are some highlights from our trip.
This is our condo from the beach, I am standing on our balcony, you can barely see me! Funny story... I was here about 7 years ago with my parents, my sister and her family and the 2 older boys, and didn't know it until I got there that I booked the exact same condo!! I thought it looked familiar, but our condo was pink~then when we got there and I stood on the balcony outside our front door, I realized this was the same place we stayed! Different room, but same condo! How weird is that, there are 100's of condo's and we were at that particular one~they just repainted it green, but everything else was the same!!!
We went to Lamberts the "home of the throwed roll" for dinner. They really do throw the hot rolls to you! I was explaining this to Ryan and the boys in the car before we went in, and poor Easton was completely freaked out, he thought they threw them at you~like... to hit you, in reality they throw them to you, but he was thinking he was going to be pelted by rolls and was scared to walk in the door, I had to carry him in and he had his head buried in my neck until we showed him that they weren't going to hit him! Poor kid, he did end up in tears though because the waitresses are funny and walk around telling the kids to sit up and eat their food, or to put their pop down and start eating etc...(nicely, of course)but he did not think that it was funny!
We were a little nervous about getting a one bedroom condo with all of us, but it worked out great. The little boys had the bunk beds in the hall, the bigger boys slept on the pullout couch and the bathroom was big enough for Anaya's playpen to fit in!
This was truly a relaxing vacation, Anaya fell asleep in my arms 2 times! Those of you who know her know that she is perpetual motion and goes non stop, so to have her actually fall asleep in my arms was a nice treat! All that running around on the beach, an no nap(we tried to keep her up so she would sleep good at night...which she did) wore her right out!
The guys spent lots of time fishing in the surf. Ryan caught a HUGE sting Ray!! He snapped the line before I could get a picture, but we did get to see it! He also caught catfish, pinfish, sheepshead and a big red. We ate fish quite a few times, the boys loved it!
The indoor/outdoor pool.
Swimming in the pool!

Ice cream!
Feeding the seagulls!

Playing in the sand.
Playing in the surf! There was a red and purple flag flying the whole time we were there. Luckily my boys were not interested in swimming in the ocean~too many dangerous creatures! We found out it is illegal to swim when there is a red flag, and a purple flag means dangerous marine life is present(Portuguese man-o-war) YIKES! A man drowned in the ocean because of the rip currents right down the beach from us. What a tragic end to a vacation, I can't even imagine!

Strolling along the beach, and looking for seashells.

My idea here was to get a cute beach picture, however after many failed attempts I settled for this one! It is no easy task to get all 5 looking, let alone smiling and sitting still and where I actually want them, not to mention trying to keep the background free of other people. I was asked "are they all yours?" a few times while trying to get the picture, YES so I have 5 kids, whats the big deal?

We drove over to Florida (about 5 minutes away) and watched the Blue Angles practice!! I love watching them, it never ceases to amaze me how they fly those planes so close going so fast, I barley dare to tailgate going 25 mph!
All packed up and ready to go....We all did some fake crying and sobbing that our trip was over!

We promised the boys we would stop a Bass Pro Shop at some point, so we left on Tues. night and found one in Prattsville Al. The boys all got some camo, and a few "necessities" for the upcoming turkey season!

Who knew dandelions would be a welcomed sight! We were so sad to leave all of the lush green and pretty flowers. At least spring is coming, we really look forward to seeing all of God's creation colored with life once again!
Well, that about covers it. We had a great trip and feel truly blessed to have had it! We hit the ground running today with work, school, and soccer practice...back to reality!


Stacy said... sounds like you guys had an AWESOME time on your family vacation!!! You're making me want to start planning one now!!

Ferrick said...

so glad to see you had a great time! Cute pictures.

steph said...

LOVED the Lamberts rolls thing!!!! Soo funny! You told me about the waitress, not that Easton thought he was going to get nailed with the rolls!! He is hillarious.

Michelle said...

Looks like a blast with good memories for years to come :)