Monday, April 13, 2009


Anaya on her first egg hunt!

Notice my boys in "double camo" they were out turkey scouting with Ryan just prior to the egg hunt!
The whole VZ gang checking out the goods~ nobody found the "grand prize" ($2) it is still hiding in the yard somewhere! The kids had a great time, "Thanks Aunt Lisa and Aunt Sarah!"
On Sunday, we met my parents for lunch and they took the 3 older boys home with them. They are on a "date" today with my mom ~ breakfast and bowling. They always look forward to their dates with Grama! Thanks Mom for taking the time to love on them! We love you!

I was almost in tears as I put my daughter in her first Easter dress, I have longed to do this for years and to finally be able to dress her up was such an awesome feeling. I know it has nothing to do with the Resurrection which is the reason for Easter, but for years I have watched all the little girls all decked out in their new dresses and I longed to have a daughter to dress up. This was an added blessing to a very special day! All of the boys looked handsome as well, and I tried to get a picture of them all together~however this darling daughter of ours had a hissy fit and we gave up! I actually got her dressed again at night to get her picture!
I can't believe that Easter is already done! Last week I finished up my Beth Moore Bible study *Jesus the One and Only*, it is on the life of Christ, and WOW the timing couldn't have been more perfect! I am truly amazed at what my Jesus did for me, there are no words! It has been such a blessing to read it again, I have had goosebumps as I gleaned more and more out of The Word through this study. If you ever get a chance to do this one I would recommend it!


Michelle said...

Good Times. Adorable easter dress :)