Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy at it...

Easton found this little chair and brought it upstairs. He carried it all around and plopped it down where ever he wanted to sit!

It was a beautiful day today, the kids wanted to eat outside on the porch! We are going to eat outside more often, less mess inside!!

We had a shower last night for little Olivia! She is such a sweet little bundle!
We are kicking ourselves for letting the boys do soccer...what a pain! Practices every night except Tuesday(between the 3 of them!) Oh well, it is a short season, and they are enjoying themselves, but I still don't know how the 2 of us are going to get the 3 of them to their various games and places on Saturdays, Another great adventure!


MamaTod said...

Car pooling is the way to go. Been that, done that!