Thursday, August 20, 2009


My brother in law (Robb) and sister in law (Lisa) were camping this week at Sandy Pines, and they invited us down for the day to swim and play at the waterpark. We started out with a bit of cloudy rainy weather, then the sun would peek through and be beautiful, only to start getting cloudy again, and then it sprinkled some more. It didn't matter though, we were wet anyway, and we had lots of fun!

Jayden and Mady getting eachother wet!

Spencer, Brylynn, and Dylan waiting for the water to drop on their heads! That water was FREEZING COLD!! I don't know how they could stand it! Must be young age!
Spencer coming down the slide.

Even Anaya went down the water slide with Uncle Robb! She liked it ~ a little! She went down twice and then...she was done!

She nearly fell asleep in that chair, all the excitment wore her out!

Easton followed Aunt Lisa around like a little puppy! He is so funny that way, when he likes ya, he really likes ya!(He went with her everywhere...except the slide, she tried talking him into it, but he just wasn't about to do that!)
Thanks guys for a fun day!