Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An update from Lisa herself...

Let's start by saying that the weather is gorgeous here!  We have not experienced temperatures over zero here in a long time!!  We were able to get outdoors in between appointments and enjoy the day!  Now on to the good stuff.  Again, can't say enough about my surgeon here.  He is awesome!  I will be checking into The Methodist Hospital @7:00 tomorrow morning...8:00 your time.  :-)    I will be getting a nuclear injection in my ankle(yes, I will be glowing once again!) and then I will have surgery within two hours of this procedure.  The dye will travel up my bloodstream to my sentinel nodes which Dr. Sims will remove.  He will also be taking a large area around the ankle location.  He will remove tissue until the margins are clear....and also remove lymph nodes if the sentinel nodes show signs of cancer. The lymph nodes are tested during surgery so I will have an answer as soon as I wake up.  The plastic surgeon is on stand by in case I would need a skin graph done of the area.  If I need this, I will possibly be in the hospital for 5 days on bed rest!  YIKES!!  If I do not need a skin graph, I will stay the night and hopefully leave on Friday.  This will all be determined when the surgery is performed.  SOOO....Pray that the surgery goes well and that the least amount of procedures is needed...and NO cancer spread.  I would love to spend Easter back at home, but that is all in the Lord's hands.  I am feeling good and ready to get this surgery done and over with.  Enjoy the nice weather and I will be sure to let you know the news tomorrow when I am coherent.  My family would argue that I am the best when just out of surgery....I am quite a comedian, I hear!   Thanks for all your prayers....even though I am far away I am comforted to know you are all with me in spirit.   Love you all!   Lisa