Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 7 part 2...

Testing out my b.p.
After the clinic we were invited to the pastors house for dinner, we had told them previously NOT to make dinner for us as we wanted to get home before dark, but...

When we got there they had rice and bean dinner #5 ready and waiting for us.  It was a blessing that all of these pastors were willing to open up their homes and prepare food for us!

While we were eating, we heard someone yelling.  I had gotten kinda used to hearing what sounded to me like a heated argument, whenever the guys started 'discussing' things{like baptism for instance}.  They assured me they weren't mad, but it sure sounded like it!  But this was different, so my ears perked up and I looked toward the door and couldn't see what was going on so I grabbed my camera and took a video, unfortunately someone else stood up and soon we were all on our feet trying to get a glimpse of what was going on.  Without saying a word, we all figured out what was taking place.

Earlier that day when we arrived, two of the trucks pulled in and parked in front of the church, as soon as they pulled in they noticed a man chained to a tree and he started going crazy.  He was literally climbing the tree, screaming and freaking out. One of my friends thought to herself, 'I wonder if that is what demon possession looks like?'  One of our drivers grabbed a gun from under his seat and placed it discretely on his person.  I was in the 3rd truck and was oblivious to the whole ordeal, however when we were walking to the pastors house, I noticed a man being led by a tow rope{I didn't see the chains around his wrists.}  I thought he was blind and that was how they kept track of him, strange, but at least he wouldn't get lost...right?

Well, it turns out that that man, was demon possessed, they had brought him to area witch doctors and no one could help him, so they took him to the church.  He had scars all over his face, and the pastor later explained that he had not eaten in a long time.  We watched as several pastors prayed over this man and the yelling I had heard earlier, was them telling the evil spirit to "get out!"  Soon, his whole countenance had changed, he was seated in a chair, given food and was eating, speaking, smiling and shaking hands with the pastors.  Amazing.

I loved the drive home, it was amazing, reminded me of a mix of Tennessee and driving the 'going to the sun road' in Glacier national park.  Beautiful! So great to experience and marvel at the handiwork of God after such an amazing day.

These pools were so beautiful, but later we found out that they are used for satanic rituals!  I don't have a picture, because my mind didn't fully comprehend what it was at the time, but I saw a couple of voodoo dolls hanging on a fence.  Also, I will never forget the blank look behind one womans eyes in particular.  It was as if she was there but truly not. so strange, and eerie.  I saw things that day that I have never experienced before and was reminded of this verse.
 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ~Ephesians 6:12

Please pray for the dear people of Haiti, there is a huge spiritual battle being waged there!
OH, and guess what, when we came home, Mylude had made us a nice dinner of...You guessed it...
RICE AND BEANS! #6 on day 7!