Sunday, February 3, 2013

Haiti day 6...

This is our water pump, not a light saber! 
The truck was parked in such a way that most of us smacked our heads on the cement top of the parking garage at least once!  Nice.
 My first time riding in the back of a pick up truck!  When I told one of the guys that it is illegal to ride in the back of a truck like this in the US, he was shocked!  He asked me what we put in them, and I said that sometimes we haul things in the back, but mostly they stay empty, he said, "Not in Haiti!  We always fill it up with people!" Umm, yeah, I noticed! Funny thing is that our driver kept putting his seat belt on when we would see a policeman, I asked why and he said that yes indeed, he could get a ticket for not wearing his seat belt, however the 8 people in the back of the truck were no big deal! Weird.
a tent city 3 years after the earthquake
The school at Pastor Jorel's church.  Pastor Jorel and his wife {below}
This was our 2nd conference and it went much better than the first.  It was so funny because we had the same interpreter working with us so he knew what we were going to say and when I would say 4 words he would talk for 3 minutes. no joke!  I was so wishing I knew what he said, but he was a great guy and I trusted him fully.  We made a few changes to the schedule so that we wouldn't have the same problems as before, and it worked very well.  We taught all the classes and then ran the medical clinic.
We had 2 automatic blood pressure machines so I was able to help with taking blood pressures.  I had to ask an interpreter to come and explain to a few people that I was not a nurse, they were trying to tell me what was wrong with them and ask me what their blood pressure meant, when, in fact, I had no clue!

Our youth group gave money toward school bundles{bath towel with toiletries and school supplies} and these little babes are the ones who received them.  They were so cute!
After our conference we were treated to another dinner of beans and rice, chicken, fried plantains and french fries.  There was also goat meat, and of course pop.  Bean and rice dinner #4.