Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Haiti day 8...

This was our last conference, and by far our best.  Not sure if it was because we worked out all the kinks or they were just much more receptive, probably a combination of both.  During our teaching time, we did a hand washing demonstration with a black light and some 'fake germ' powder and had them wash their hands.  We also painted their nails with clear polish, we tried to do this at the 2nd conference but ran out of time, this time it went so smoothly.  It was fun. 
 Look at this little cutie!  Oh my, she was such a sweetie!  This trip was good for me because all of these babies had loving moms and dads so I didn't feel the need to take them all home with me!  This is a precious miracle baby of Isaiah and his wife.  Such an awesome family serving faithfully in Haiti.
 This cracked me up, clock, still in the box, but up on the wall, and running...
Wilkenson's darling kids.
 This is another one of my favorite memories from the trip, during the sewing class, the ladies made purses, and our guys decided to make one too.  I laughed when I saw them trying to make their tiny stitches, they were concentrating and working so hard! Dukas was proud of the one he made for his wife, but Bob ditched his and ran off!  
 After the conference we did the medical clinic and I got to do blood pressures the whole time.  I enjoyed doing this as I could smile and hold their hands and look them each in the eye. Without speaking their language, I felt this was one of the ways I could connect with them and almost always, I would get a huge smile in return!
 After the conference, we were invited to the pastors house across the street for beans and rice! Bean and rice dinner #7!
These people were amazing, they had several other people living with them and had adopted a few kids whose parents were killed in the earth quake and a couple more whose parents couldn't care for them for whatever reason.  Such vibrant and loving people being Jesus to those around them.
This is our ladies trying to be discreet and get money out of the hidden places!
 We had seen the sugar cane for sale all week, and finally tried some, I'm not a fan!  It was sweet enough, but it left splinters in my mouth, yuck!
 Since the last conference was nearby, we actually had a bit of down time at the house and Wilkenson and his family came over.  The kids were so much fun to watch, though hearing their laughter made me miss my kids.
 Several children's story bibles were donated by someone from our church and we gave them to Pastor Jorel for his Sunday school teachers.  He was really excited about them, and the kids started reading them right away.  They were in Haitian Creole, but one was in English, and the little guy could read them both!

It was another fun day in Haiti, the weather was hot, sunny and gorgeous and the company was great! It was pretty amazing to go with this many women and not have any issues, we all got along so well!