Sunday, February 24, 2013

Haiti day 9...

This was our sight seeing day. 
 We went up the mountain in a direction we had never gone before, we were excited to see another area of Haiti.

 Our first stop was this cute little touristy artisans market, and a beautiful look out area.
 Everyone is pointing to the huge mass grave site that was made after the earthquake, it is right next to a large stadium and was much bigger.  So.sad.
 You can see it below right in the middle of the picture there is a large area that is a little bit blueish, the stadium is on the right.
 the mountains on the left side of the picture beyond the water is where we were all of our big driving days.
We loaded up on the truck and the guys were still trying to sell us stuff!
 Funny story about that walking stick that the beautiful Masalee is holding...I bought 3 of these pod shaker thingys  {she has one in her other hand,} and was waiting for my change back when the guy gives me this stick instead.  Well, since I was only waiting for less than $2, I thought it was a good enough deal so I took it.  However, it occurred to me AFTER I bought it, that it was not going to fit in my carry on on the way home, and quite possibly not in any luggage we were bringing back! Oops!  I was greatly relieved to find that a few others fell for the stick change thing and we were in the same situation!  We got a laugh out of it and they did fit into our bag on the way home.

 We went up to the Baptist mission and ate lunch and shopped around there a bit too.

The scenery up there was amazing. You could see where they terrace farm on the mountainside.

 I found it funny that every time we ate with the Haitians they had chicken,{along with the beans and rice,} and guess what they ordered when we took them out to lunch?  Chicken!  They must really love it.
 Our group at the famous Hotel Montana.  We were there on the anniversary of the earthquake and there were lots of people there having a special memorial service.
 On the way home we saw this tree on fire.
We stopped at a market to buy food for the dinner we were hosting for the guys who helped us all week.  By the time we got home, it was time for them to arrive, and we hadn't one thing ready!  Here I am peeling carrots for the soup as the people are arriving!  We pulled it all off just fine and had a great night fellowshipping, and of course singing with everyone.


MamaTod said...

Was the pod stick thingy a "rain stick"? I have one from Honduras and it's a large piece of bamboo with gravel in it. When you turn it over it sounds like rain on the roof. I think it's actually a musical instrument.