Thursday, January 7, 2010

beans and rice blessings...

One of the things we are doing during our bean and rice adventure is to pray for and discuss the many children/people who go without any food daily, extreme poverty, clean water, ways to help people who need food and water, people and organizations that are making a difference etc... One night, we were discussing "why beans and rice?" "Why don't they eat other stuff?" We explained that it is inexpensive, how you can feed a lot of children for a little, and also that it is good...nutritionally, at least! So we started adding up the cost of the dinner we were eating and we figured we ALL ate for about $1.00!

On a different evening, we had a complaint about having "only water?" to drink (for super.) So I went to the computer to show them how blessed we are to have clean water. We watched the little video on the Charity:Water site, and before it was finished Dylan slipped a $20.00 bill into my hand. I asked what that was for and he said he wanted to help people get clean water! WOW! I was so blessed by his generosity, it certainly made up for the complaining that night!!

So, the first week is in, and there have been several lessons learned. Our hearts and minds are realizing how blessed we are, we are having some interesting conversations, and finding ways we can help those in need.

Now, if only I could get the portions down pat. I have made too much and not enough~never was it just right and I only varied the amounts by 1/2 a cup. I guess I should try a 1/4 huh?...Cooking, figuring, thinking ahead...not my thing. But I am learning!


Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

Good for you! I'm really inspired by your efforts! I remember reading about this on another blog as well, and...I don't even have the words. I can only imagine the smile on God's face right now as He delights in your sacrifice.

Trish said...

you should watch this video... it really helped me over Christmas and it was such a relief to celebrate not being overwhelmed and extra poor :)

also I participated in this project which in one week built 2 wells! so cool
they are planning on doing things in the future, but they just finished so they are taking a break.