Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have a confession to make...

We had a brief reprieve of beans and rice this past weekend!
I knew Friday we would be skipping out, as we were out of town, as we are almost every Friday, due to the boys being in Friday Addition.
Saturday, we had a great time celebrating Christmas with Ryan's family. We actually ate a huge lunch and had brownie sundaes for desert about the time of dinner, so we technically didn't even eat dinner!
Then, I became violently ill in the middle of the night and felt awful all day Sunday. So, there was no way I was cooking anything. Ryan, however, did make lentils and rice for the youth group! I skipped out on all food that day! I basically laid in bed all day except for the time I spent in the other room of the house...oh and I went at the hospital too...long story ~ short...I'm fine! I need to give a big THANKS to my dear friends Lee and Jenny for helping us out! (Thanks girls and your families too!) It was an...interesting (ok down right comical, right Lee?) day, and I am learning to accept help from others...
So, there ya have it. We skipped a few and now we're back on track!
*Ryan says I need a picture, so here is the awesome sunset I enjoyed tonight!