Sunday, January 31, 2010

mission accomplished!

So, our beans and rice adventure is finished! And, I must say, we are all ready for it to be over. But, we are very mindful of the fact that for many, it will never be "over". It was a great learning experience for us as a family, we have a greater appreciation of the fact that we are so incredibly blessed, and that there are others who are not. At least not in the way that we would normally consider blessed.
We have have been studying James as a family and James speaks to this issue of the poor being blessed, and that God has chosen them to be rich in faith. One night when we were talking about why God would say that, Dylan piped up and said, "When you have money, you can just buy what you need, but when you are poor, you need to pray to God for the things you need." Oh so true!
We figure we saved approximately $250.00 this month. Though it is hard to tell as we are re-doing our budget...not fun, but necessary! We are trying to be good stewards, and save for our adoption!


MBush said...

What perfect timing for this life lesson with all that is going on in the world this past month. You've inspired me (although I haven't committed to rice and beans :)) to be more mindful.