Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Miss susie homemaker"...

I am not!
Which is pretty sad since that is technically one of my full time jobs! Oh sure, I love to clean my house, I am just not very good at it! I get sidetracked very easily, especially when the kids are around. And with homeschooling, the kids are ALWAYS AROUND! But, I'm not complaining, I wouldn't have it any other way!
As far as cooking is concerned, I hate it! Really, I despise coming up with meals that taste good, and at the same time are not going to kill us! Besides, all that work, and it's gone in less than 20 minutes! So in a way this rice and beans adventure has been a blessing. Other than deciding between a few basic recipes, there is no guesswork in figuring out "what's for dinner!" I like that! I have been forced to think ahead, which is not my usual state of doing things. But once the prep work for the beans is finished, it is super easy!
I don't know if having all our dinners thought out in advance makes me feel more domestic or what, but I have even tried to make a few things from scratch lately too! (another thing I never usually do!) In one day, I made home made cinnamon rolls, home made pizza, and chocolate chip cookies! I also tried my hand at home made tortillas and home made bread! Wow, maybe I am turning into "Miss susie homemaker" after all...nah!


Gloria said...

You go girl !!!!! Just remember you don't have to do it all in one day !!!! Luv ya < Mom V >